Dog Goes Nuts for Stairs

I dassn’t post more videos of cats and dogs frolicking in the snow. I admit I wasn’t frolicking this morning when I chipped the ice off my car. So… we shall remain indoors.

Does your dog or cat enjoy romping up and down the stairs? Our cats don’t do it much anymore, although Robbie will tear up the stairs to celebrate a more than usually satisfying visit to the litter box. I wish I could do that (running full-tilt up the stairs, I mean).

2 comments on “Dog Goes Nuts for Stairs

  1. I’ve never had stairs for my cats to run up and down. But Iggy does something similar to Robbie’s post-litter-box scramble. He charges out of the bathroom, tears around the corner to the dining area, then up onto one of the dining chairs, across to another, and up across the back of that one to the projecting kitchen counter next to the sink. It all goes by like lightning. I sometimes think of asking the Olympics people to make it one of their categories of events.

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