Memory Lane: What Was the Name of This Quiz Show?

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Louisiana blueberries

Patty and I have been trying to remember the name of a really silly quiz show from many years ago, featuring teams of high school students from all over the country. No, it was not It’s Academic. My friend William A. Smith led the team our school sent to It’s Academic, and he answered all the questions single-handed. A few years later he cleaned up on College Bowl. If you’re reading this, William A., you still da man in my book.

This other show was on early Saturday afternoon, and we watched it a few times because we couldn’t believe how hopeless it was. Two questions in particular stand out.

First, “What state leads the USA in blueberry production?” They had a graphic to go with it–a map of Louisiana with blueberries on it. Duh. The question was multiple choice: A. Louisiana. B. Nevada C. Arizona. D. Kazakhstan. And would you believe it? Even with that big fat hint in front of them, none of the students–none!–got the answer.

The other question was even sillier. Again, multiple choice. A certain king of France (either Louis XIV or Louis XVI–hard to keep track of all the Looies) was very short of stature, so they invented something to make him taller when he attended a formal dance, creating a fashion still in vogue today. One of the multiple choice items was “Stilts.” Stilts for ballroom dancing. The answer was “High heels,” with a picture of the king wearing high heels, but the hint was to no avail.

Were they kidding? But wouldn’t you know it? “Stilts” was the answer they picked.

After that, we stopped watching the show. I have no idea how long it lasted on TV.

Imagine the appalling results if they brought it back today.

Can any of you out there remember the name of this show? We’re stumped.


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