Startling Footage: Shark and Crocodile

I happened upon this video the other night, and thought you might be intrigued by it.

What happens when a huge saltwater crocodile, swimming in shallow water, crosses the path of a bull shark? The bull shark, by the way, is responsible for more attacks on humans than any other species of shark–and it’s just as at home in fresh water as it is in salt. Saltwater crocodiles also eat people, when they can get them.

The croc being twice the size of the shark, and armed with horrendously powerful jaws and lots and lots of sharp teeth, the bull shark decides not to bother it.

But the thing that gets me is… does anybody ever go wading, fishing, or clamming in that water?

10 comments on “Startling Footage: Shark and Crocodile

    1. Sure, if you want to catch a shark for dinner. (Maybe the shark’s dinner, that is.) 🙂

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