Bluebirds in the Snow

This from Mr. Nature, via the Texas Bluebird Society–look at all those bluebirds! I’ve never seen one in the flesh, although supposedly we have some in New Jersey. Are these among the most beautiful birds in all the world, or what?

And they can cope with winter. If they can, we can. Sure, we put out feeders for them, and that’s a help. But they can probably get by without us. God made them as they are.

And spring is coming–honest. I wouldn’t kid you about that.

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  1. Where I grew up in Missouri, there were tons of bluebirds, also cardinals, and lots of hummingbirds. Here in Idaho, I see an occasional bluebird, and a few quail, some hummingbirds, and a lot of crows. I still miss my original homeland sometimes, but the mountains with their timber are beautiful examples of God’s artistry too.

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