Cats’ Vendetta with Toilet Paper

As the poor yink who’d have to clean it up if it ever happened here, I view these videos of cats and toilet paper with something akin to horror. I wonder if H.P. Lovecraft was able to keep his cats away from the toilet paper. Betcha he couldn’t.

I’m happy to say that none of our cats ever got into the habit of shredding toilet paper and turning our apartment into an indoor celebration of Mischief Night.

5 comments on “Cats’ Vendetta with Toilet Paper

  1. yikes, of all the cats I have had, none were ever this bad. They did climb curtains, spill things, etc. but never made a mess like this. thank goodness.

  2. My previous cat, a Himalayan named CoCo, used to unroll the toilet paper into his litter box if I didn’t clean out what he’d done immediately. I guess he figured if people could use toilet paper, so could he.

  3. My cat attacks toilet paper that is in storage. No kidding, she’ll sneak into the cabinet where I keep toilet paper and attack the rolls, leaving claw marks about 1/2″ deep.

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