We’ve Got a New Prize!


I know, I know–10% of the readers make 90% of the comments. So we try to pump it up with comment contests, by which I show our appreciation for those 10%ers.

To this end, we have ordered a new prize: a red T-shirt bearing the quote, “If they have to kill us, they’ve lost.” Our thanks to Phoebe for making the suggestion!

So, next time there’s a comment contest, the winner will receive one of these shirts. They’re all Xtra Large. If that’s too big for you, well, you can always use it for a nightshirt. But a lot of people like their T-shirts to be roomy.

We’ve just passed 70,000 comments, so I’m thinking 75,000 for the goal of our next contest. Stay tuned!

9 comments on “We’ve Got a New Prize!

  1. Oh boy, oh boy, I want one of those T-shirts! But … extra large (she whimpers)? I could fit two Phoebes into one of those, whimper, whimper. Oh well, maybe I can just hang it on a wall instead. (Note that I’m already planning to win the next contest.) 🙂

    I assume Byron is okay with this, even if it isn’t a bicycle?

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