But First a Joke…

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Before we go wading out into the nooze today, a funny story:

The producers of a TV show heard about a dog that could play poker, and they wanted to do a feature on it. So they searched all over the country until they finally found the man who owned the dog, and sent a film crew there. After the introductions, the man admitted that his dog did, indeed, play poker.

“Well, sir, that’s just what we came all the way here to see! We’d love to film your dog playing poker.”

“Oh, I don’t let him play anymore,” said the owner. “He just ain’t that good at it.”

“Why, what’s the matter with him?”

“Oh…. Every time he gets a good hand, he wags his tail.” [Cue canned laughter]

6 comments on “But First a Joke…

  1. Too bad we can’t really can laughter. (Oooh, I made a pun!) These days, it would be a good thing to be able to cook up a batch of it when things get really depressing. 😉

    I may not have time to comment much more today. I was out doing chores most of the morning, and now I’m desperately trying to catch up on things — not being helped much by the fact that my internet is running slow as molasses today.

  2. I just returned from the Wednesday womens’ Bible study, so I probably missed some posts, but the inbox has over 60 emails, so I may be a while sorting it all out.
    This is a cute joke, by the way. Sounds like the female Aussie here.

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