Holy Cow! No More Flu!

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Oy, bucket-heads! We told you these ‘ere COVID restrictions would save your wretched lives–and now look! Thanks to lockdowns, facemasks, social distancing, and banning jolly near everything…

In all of Britain, we have not a single case of influenza! Are you hearing me? No flu! We’ve got no bally flu! (https://summit.news/2021/02/23/uk-health-authorities-announce-not-a-single-case-of-flu-detected-this-year/)

Yessireebob! We did such a great job of protecting you from COVID, we wiped out flu without even trying to! We tested more than 685,000 samples and didn’t find a single flu infection–anywhere!

Ooh! Ooooh! How about this for a brainstorm? Keep the masks–in fact, make it double masks!–and the lockdowns, keep people locked up in their homes, only allowed out once a week… and if we keep on restricting Everything, why, next thing you know, we’ll have no sickness left at all!

Honk if you believe this.

Obviously, all they’ve got to do is count all the flu cases as COVID cases and presto! Lots more COVID, lots less flu. In fact, you can play that game with any disease, any cause of death. Died at 98 years old, after suffering for ten years from heart disease and kidney failure? Hah! COVID got you!

They genuinely believe we’re really that stupid. Our ruling class, their tame, paid scientists, our (ahem!) entertainers–they all think we’re total morons who need to be led by the hand like toddlers. Led by them, our betters! And so they tell us driveling lies that a hamster could see through.

They all need to be replaced. ASAP.


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  1. I agree that many in our current Congress need to be replaced. It’s a prayer of mine that God would raise up men and women who have their heads screwed on right to run for the seats occupied now by people determined to destroy our nation.

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