Does Things Dis-apeer wen Yiu ‘are’ Not Looking at themb?

One More Thing: Making Need Disappear

[Inspired by this extremely funny hoax by The Onion,

Somb tymes “in” Nothing Studdies we get inter theeze heer Deeep Fillasoffacule Qweschins! Like frinstints, “”Are Things still thare “wen” yiu are Not looking At themb”?” Man i nevver thawted of That befoar!!!!!

So I has wunderd, lyke, what abuot Ejipped?? Is Ejipped reely thare?? (that’s that plaice in Etheopier,, whare thay has Pirramids and stuph!!) I has ownly saw It in pichtures!! Is it still thare Wen yiu doughnt see a Pichture??

I amb knot shure “how” “to” Spel it,, “but” its caulled somb thing like Basick Odjeck Perminint Skils!!!” Thing is, yiu reely Cant! tel sombthing it “Is” “Thare” or Not unlest yiu “are” loooking At It!!!!! ware Do things Go wen yiu Doughnt See themb??

Well,, “this” wood Axplane whye thare isnt No Sutch Thing as Realty and thare is ownly Construcks!!!!!! So iff yiu Thinck yiu See it,, then Its Reel!!! Soddenly I Under-stanned!!!!! Woohoo!!!!!! This is Whye yiu are enny Gender that yiu Say yiyu Are!!Becose waht yiu See “is” thare and waht yiu doughnt See,, It “is” “Not” thare!!!!!! This heer Thinking it Gives “me” a Tree-mendiss cents of Libberasion!!!!!!!

Somb Hater he sayed This heer “it is Ownly jist Crayzy so wee Beet Himb up!!!!! Reely it shood Be “Aginst” “the” Law to say That!!!!!

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  1. Joe. You may have a point. Think about all of the things we are aware of, only because someone told us they existed. I’ve seen pictures of Egypt, but I’ve never been there, so maybe it just pretends to exist.

    So, I moved some money last year and now I have to pay state taxes for that money. But I’ve never actually seen the state capital, so how do I know it’s there? Why would anyone send money to a place that might not even exist. Now I’m feeling Libberasion, too! 🙂

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