A Scene from ‘The Robe’

In The Robe (1953), Richard Burton played the Roman officer in charge of crucifying Jesus Christ; and he wins Christ’s robe with a roll of the dice. Victor Mature is the slave who takes the robe away from him.

We do have to be careful about using “Bible movies” to teach us the truth that is in the Bible; but this scene from The Robe packs a wallop, emotionally–and I’m pretty sure we need that.

2 comments on “A Scene from ‘The Robe’

  1. Wow! I forgot about that scene. I love all the movies I have seen about the life of Christ although I know there are probably some out there I wouldn’t (like making Jesus out as a homosexual – a curse on those that did that one).

  2. I saw The Robe a long time ago, and don’t really remember all the details, but remember I enjoyed it. Now, a lot of other movies of the genre, I find fault with for taking “artistic liberty” with things from Scripture. Some are downright disrespectful, almost bordering on blasphemy, but some are pretty good. Too bad more Biblical movies are not made by those who respect the Bible and present it truthfully.

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