‘You Gotta Think About This Quote’ (2018)

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“These guys had it all figured out.”

This quote refers to a lost city, whose ruins are called Angamuca.

You Gotta Think About This Quote

How do you wind up turning into a lost city if you’ve got everything figured out? I mean, this city was kaput, a goner, passed on, out of business, dead as a doornail–it doesn’t look to me like they had much of anything figured out.

But then I’m not an archaeologist.

4 comments on “‘You Gotta Think About This Quote’ (2018)

  1. Looks like their aim must have been mold and mossy rocks; that is if they had “it all figured out”.

  2. I’ve noticed that many people ascribe greatness to unknown cultures. Central America was once home to a lot of people, in ancient civilizations that eventually died out. There are theories of why this happened, but the bottom line is that these civilizations became extinct. Elsewhere on earth, there are civilizations that have existed for millennia. The Chinese, Egyptian and European civilizations have all been in existence far longer than the civilization in Angamuca, and none of these have it all figured out. Ok, we have iPads and Starbucks’s, but modern civilization has a lot of shortcomings. Without acknowledging the fallen state of mankind, it is all but impossible to recognize the reasons for mankind’s struggles.


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