Cats Don’t Always Come Out on Top

Cats sometimes get stuck. Two things us humans can do: keep their claws trimmed, and don’t let them get too fat. But that’s about all. No one has ever figured out how to keep cats out of creatively dicey situations.

Although my monitor lizard once got her head stuck in a roach trap. Never had a cat do that.

4 comments on “Cats Don’t Always Come Out on Top

  1. Cats have an exceptional talent at finding sticky situations, but they have at least as great of a talent for extracting themselves from situations that would paralyze me with fear.

    1. It’d be hard, though, to beat the monitor lizard with her head caught in the roach motel. I had a very hard time getting her out.

      My cat Missy did manage to get her head stuck in a plastic grocery bag, which turned her into a kind of furry projectile until I could catch her and set her free.

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