Evil-Tempered Cats

Our cats wouldn’t dream of slapping us, they’ve never once tried… although they slap each other fairly often. Henry slapped inanimate objects. Buster never slapped anyone or anything; Missy slapped him, but only when he deserved it.

Some of the slapees in these videos deserve it. Others don’t. Further proof that cats have exceedingly complex personalities.

4 comments on “Evil-Tempered Cats

  1. One of our Siamese was always slapping any cat that crossed his path. He also slapped the neighbor’s dog, and drove the dog away pronto. His buddy, the other Siamese was so gentle, he never tried to slap anyone (or animal). They sure have their own personalities alright.

    1. Monkeys are trouble. They are pre-wired to find trouble. Cats, can make more than their share of trouble, when it suits them. I hadn’t thought about the ramifications of having both, but I imagine that would be a lot of trouble. Add a ferret, and it would qualify as a WMD. 🙂

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