Teaching Children to Hate Themselves

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“We can’t let the school know we’re meeting like this, Number Five..”

This is one of those stories that makes you want to bang your head against the wall.


So here are parents in West Los Angeles, as rich as Croesus, spending $40,000 a year to, ahem, “educate” their children. And now they’re singin’ the blues because the commie cockroaches who run the school are teaching the kiddies that America is an evil bad country and all you kids are guilty, capitalism is bad and all you kids are guilty, and everything is racist and it’s all your fault… and for some reason, the kids are coming home depressed.

Really? Holy cow.

On top of all that, if the parents wish to discuss their misgivings, they have to meet secretly… because “they could face profound repercussions.”

Like what? “Stop talkin’ about us or we’ll kick your kid outta our school and he won’t be able to go to Yale.” Yeesh, say it ain’t so!

I can’t even imagine what $40,000 worth of “education” looks like–can you? (Yeahbut, yeahbut! You’ll get into a really great college and be a member of the elite!)

If you spend that kind of money to send your kids to that kind of school, you are not only a pathetic fool wanting in self-respect–no: you are sinning against your own children–and against your country, too, while you’re at it. Where do you think “Arm Iran!” freaks like John Kerry come from? They aren’t born. They’re made!

America is under attack from within, by the Far Left Crazy–and they do not intend for our country to survive. Please, people, get that through your heads! These are not fuzzy-minded, misguided but benign hippies trying to make a better world. If you want to see the kind of world they make, visit North Korea, China, or Cuba. Ask anyone who risked his life to get away.

Yo, West L.A. parents! Stop talkin’ and start doin’! Pull your children out of that school today. Don’t wait for tomorrow. You’re so afraid of these pipsqueak “educators”–stop it!

Take away your money, and they’ll just dry up and blow away.


14 comments on “Teaching Children to Hate Themselves

  1. Yes, I know exactly what you are saying. Even when my grandsons were in grade school years ago, I discovered that their “math” book was really a socialist indoctrination text. It was teaching that Americans exploited the poor, hard working Mexicans, and that we needed to change our ways or else. I went to the school and confronted the teacher about it, and she shame facedly admitted the truth, but said her job was on the line. I began teaching the boys the truth at home with the time I had in the mornings before the bus arrived at my home where I was caring for the boys after their dad left for his very early shift.

  2. I know that the younger generation have a completely different outlook than the my generation. Even when I was in school 9’60s), the socialist indoctrination was beginning. I wouldn’t send a goldfish I hated into today’s environment.

  3. Maybe the parents have a choice between, on one hand, the expensive school where their children are turned into America-hating Communists, and, on the other hand, the local government school where their children will be turned into sex-addled drug addicts and/or killed by the sex-addled drug addicts or gangs.

  4. OMG! I couldn’t agree more!! I recently graduated college and experience many crazy classes myself. Some of the things they’d have us to in college is literally look for racism in children’s books. I also got to experience many trans speakers and learn about different pronouns.. ik what an education.. lol

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