California Schools to Teach Worship of Aztec Gods

There is no such thing as 'Human Sacrifice'”

As long as it’s not the Bible, it’s okay for our schools!

If you thought that last school nooze was bad, get a load of this. No, I’m not making it up. And yes, it’s California again. One is tempted to add “of course.”

A proposed new “ethnic studies curriculum” would teach the kids that they’re all “oppressed,” they need to launch a “counter-genocide” against “white Christians,” and they should pray to the Aztec gods to give them power to become “warriors for social justice” ( Click the link if you want to read the Marxist blather that goes with it.

The California Dept. of Education is expected to vote on this scheme next week.

The chief reason that there is no more Aztec Empire is that their “gods” were bloodthirsty idols that demanded tens of thousands of human sacrifices a year. The Aztecs’ neighbors got rather vexed at being dragged off to have their hearts torn out for this or that false god.

The question must be asked: are our nation’s “educators” in general, and California’s in particular, all stark, raving mad? Next question: Why do we tolerate this? Why do we tamely pay our taxes for it? Why do we continue to send our children to these schools to be taught such wicked nonsense? Maybe we’re the ones who are crazy.

Far Left Crazy is pulling out all the stops to destroy our country. This is war, and we must win… if we want to go on living. No schiff, this is really getting serious. Our public education system has become an existential threat to our nation’s survival.

Pull your kids out NOW.

16 comments on “California Schools to Teach Worship of Aztec Gods

  1. This is the end game. The monotheistic worship of the Creator is being challenged and the satanic worship of false gods is being openly promoted. This is Satan’s end game.

  2. “Why do we tamely pay taxes for this?” — Because if we don’t pay taxes, the IRS, FBI, and their respective SWAT teams will break down our doors in the middle of the night and drag us away in shackles. They’ve done this before to political enemies, you know.

    1. They don’t have to jail everyone — just enough people to scare the rest.

  3. If anyone is ever curious about satan and how he thinks, this answers a large part of that. Although, he still has plenty of nastiness waiting to spring on the unsuspecting. First, you dumb them down, then hit them with this kind of garbage.

    1. When Bernal Diaz first entered the Aztec capital of Tenotchtitlan (now Mexico City), he thought he’d taken a wrong turn into Hell.

  4. Say what you will about Hernan Cortes, but he was adamant about stopping human sacrifice. These barbaric practices were also common in many ancient pre-Christian civilizations. Christianity is truly a light in a dark world. One they are trying their hardest to snuff out.

    1. Meanwhile, our experiment–your “Bible Contradictions” post, which I reblogged, had netted me 51 views so far today! What that means, I’m not yet sure. I hope it means that if readers share my posts on their own Facebook (or whatever) pages, I’ll get a lot more views. If only I still had a reblog function! Then again, I didn’t have it in November and December and those were still blockbuster months. Which leaves me still unsure of what it means.

      Thanks so much for helping me with this experiment, Jim!

  5. Funny how people who are always carrying on about “separation of church and state” don’t worry about separation of other religions and state, in this case human-sacrifice-temple and state. But then again, they’ve been supporting their own human-sacrifice temples for a long time, i.e., Planned Parenthood and other abortuaries.

    1. Meanwhile, their secular pagan religion is allowed to be taught unopposed. People may not think of it as a religion, but it has all the trappings of one. Actually, it’s more like a cult.

    2. Some public schools will promote Islam, some will promote Aztec paganism… and we must be barking crazy to send our children there.

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