‘Sanity Break: Your Pet Mouse Loves You’ (2017)

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How can something as big as a human have a loving relationship with something as tiny as a mouse? But ask anyone who’s ever had pet mice: it happens.

Sanity Break: Your Pet Mouse Loves You

But good heavens! What must this be like, from the mouse’s point of view? Just imagine–or rather try to imagine, because I don’t think we can do it–what we must look like to a mouse. How can they even process a look at a human face? And yet they do! And they do it very well. Any mouse can read your facial expression.

Of course I’m not talking about wild mice that might be carrying disease. My nicest mice were born right here, children and grandchildren of pet mice.

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  1. Compare that to our loving God who is so unimaginably mighty compared to humans, yet He loves and cares for each one, knowing every detail about us, even the number of hairs on our heads.

  2. Growing up, I was taught that animals didn’t have the capacity for love, but I no longer believe that. I’ve seen a Mountain Lion that lives in a house with two people and is obedient to h7mans that he could easily overpower. The owner says that he and his wife met this Mountain Lion in a petting zoo and they fell in love with him instantly. Apparently the feeling was mutual, because he’s live with them for 5 years now and is as affectionate and docile as any house cat.

    My own pets and I have had some extraordinary bonds. I’ve had three different cats in the last 17 years and I would say that in all cases, love was the best description of what he had for one another. The lovely Tomcat I had was quiet, even stoic, but very attached to me. One night, I was late getting home from work. When I finally got home, he jumped into my arms and pressed the top of his head against me. He was obviously relieved that I had returned.

    My current cat seems to be very attached to me, just as I am to her. She spends a lot of her time on my lap and when it gets towards bedtime, she seems to anticipate every step in closing out the day, including supervising my evening shower, and then she usually lies on my shoulder as I read before going to sleep. When I turn the lights out, she curls up next to me and it’s not unusual to find her close by when I wake up, 8 hours later. There’s a real sense of a family bond between us.

    1. I had a friend who has a pet Mountain Lion in his apartment! I was never sure how tamed it was. The city authorities finally found out about it and my friend had to give it up. One of my friends had a pet monkey. He used it to meet girls, until one day it got our of its cage and tore his grand piano apart.

    2. The one I’m referring to is considerably more docile than the average hose cat. It’s a fellow in Russia that has a You Tube channel called I_AM_Puma.

  3. Obviously, prior to the fall of mankind, things were meant to be much different than they are now. I thank God for my pet. She’s a wonderful addition to my life.

    1. Truly, our only hope is the millennium. A lot of people are unhappy with the way things are going, and I don’t blame them, but this is a time of difficulty and trial. It also appears to be a time when we can raise our heads and rejoice, because our deliverance is drawing close.

      At times, I think about that millennium and what I would want out of life under good conditions. I always come back to a handful of things that would be important to me. Family, friends, pets, music and meaningful work. They are the same things that I desire now, only without the frustrations of a satanic system that seeks to rob us of joy

  4. Yes, I have thought along those same lines. On one drive from the village where I am now living to the larger town to shop, I was thinking to myself what gorgeous scenery we were passing through. It was only a silent thought to myself, but the Lord suddenly spoke “wait until you see what I have for you.” WOW! I was amazed and filled with joy.

    1. I love the grandeur of the western US, where I’ve live most of my life. I love canyons, flat topped mountains, gorges, and the overall rugged terrain of the west, but these are the aftermath of a massive flood. We have no idea what the pre-flood world was like, or what a restored earth will be like.

      I’m a curious mix of adventurer and tenderfoot. I love the great outdoors, but I also appreciate getting back to shelter and warming up. Today was a good example, with temps in the low 60s and a chilly west wind of about 25-30 MPH. I rode my bike through that and enjoyed it, but had no desire to deal with that wind again, after my ride was over.

      So, what will a restored earth be like, climate-wise. I wouldn’t imagine that the extremes we sometimes experience would have any place in such a world. Anyone that has experienced temps of -30 F knows what I’m talking about, and having experienced temperatures of +125 F, I can tell you that is not a lot of fun, either. I know that I like the high and dry climates, such as Colorado’s Front Range. The variety was wonderful, and we rarely had truly unpleasant weather.

      But the restored earth could be completely different than anything we could imagine. Adam and Eve lived in the Garden without clothing. I live in one of the warmer places in the US, and I assure you that I wouldn’t want to face most of our weather without the protection of clothing. In the summer, you feel like a strip of bacon in a frying pan if you are not adequately covered. Even though this is a warm climate, most of the time one needs clothing to keep warm almost any time outside of the warmth of the day.

      Who knows what the New Earth could be like?

    2. I’d be satisfied with the little woods and various turtle ponds we used to have before Democrats paved everything over and anointed themselves the Environment Party.

    3. It’s amazing that they can rip things up as much as they want to with no consequences, but if anyone builds something, its environmental impact is deemed too much.

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