Dare We Hope?

The scandal in North Carolina proves voter fraud is real

No matter how hard our Free & Independent 100% Democrat Nooze Media push the whopper that the 2020 election was as pure as the driven snow, no fraud here, the story will not go away. There is still a cloud over that election. And there always will be.

I don’t like to grasp at straws; but nevertheless, the straws are there.

A Georgia judge has ordered an “inspection” of the ballots cast in Fulton County. A Michigan judge has ruled that the secretary of state, a Democrat, broke the state’s election laws. And there are rumblings of investigations to come in other states.

What we are not hearing is any discussion of what to do about it. What if it turns out that the elections in several key states really were fraudulent? Then what? Do we do those elections over? Or do we just say, “Oh, well, the election laws were broken, but so what? It’d be too much trouble to do anything about it!”

Is it possible, just possible, that after a 60-day test drive of a Biden presidency, 60 days of watching Democrats go too far, too fast, and after all these stories confirming that the election is tainted, after all–is it possible that, after all this, Americans will demand that something be done about it?

Or will we just keep letting it all be shoved down our throats? I mean, really–how many illegals have to overflow our nation’s borders before we realize that we can’t allow this? And when do we stop letting Doc Fauci keep our lives on hold? How many times does he get to move the goal posts before we decide “Enough! Enough”?

The 2020 presidential election stinks to high heaven. I will never, never, never believe that some 80 million Americans voted for this festival of folly–and have since then mostly disappeared. Where are the Biden rallies? Where’s the public support for all of this stuff? Please don’t even try to tell me that 80 million of us want their taxes raised.

I don’t think we can wait for the 2022 elections to right these wrongs. How would we know that that election would be any less dishonest than the last one? Are we that trusting?

I hope not.

5 comments on “Dare We Hope?

  1. I can certainly understand the pessimism. There hasn’t been true justice in a long time. But without hope there is despair. At this point it would take a miracle, no doubt about that. But faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

  2. In a recent interview with Sidney Powell, she said not to take her silence as inaction. She says the big election fraud took place with the voting machines. The dead and fake ballots are just a smoke screen. By this time next year things will be quite different in America for the better – and then the 2022 elections landslide for the House & Senate. Congressional races are the hardest to cheat in, thus GOP won back 15 seats in 2020. FYI: Did you see the video of our fake president tripping on the steps on Air Force One? What an embarrassment. And then the fake president calls Putin a murderer, and he gets challenged to a debate because Putin knows how mentally weak Biden is.

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