‘Settled Science Alert! Woman Gave Birth to Rabbits’ (2017)

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It’s hard to count them when they’re moving

In 1725 a woman named Mary Toft convinced her local doctor, and the king’s own personal physician, and, for good measure, the royal astronomer (!) that she had given birth to 17 rabbits.

Settled Science Alert! Woman Gave Birth to Rabbits

Imagine their chagrin when the story turned out not to be true. I mean, who would’ve thought it? Mary went to jail for the hoax–but none of the men of science got fired or demoted from their positions of trust. I guess because Science is always right, even when it’s wrong.

16 comments on “‘Settled Science Alert! Woman Gave Birth to Rabbits’ (2017)

  1. These days Science is right — and settled, don’t forget settled — ESPECIALLY when it’s wrong.

  2. If she self-identifies as a mother rabbit, then she is a mother rabbit and questioning this would be the greatest of all crimes!!!!!!!! Build a gallows and wax up the noose. 🙂

    Have you noticed that the witch scene from Monty Python’s Holy Grail is becoming less and less unbelievable, with every passing day. 🙂

    1. Now, see, they got you there! As far as they’re concerned, there’s no such thing as innocent. Unless, of course, you riot.

    2. More than once, I have surprised a javelina in my back yard and they took off running, in a panic. Now they could go out the back of the yard and get farther from me, but instead, they run back towards me and then veer off at the last minute.These things are natural idiots.

    1. That’s refreshing to read. I don’t claim to be a scientist, but the more I learn about science, the more convinced I become that God did some wonderful planning to make things work so well. I’ve never felt that true knowledge of the natural world undermines faith in the Creator, in any way.

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