If These Frogs Say It’s Spring–It’s Spring

The calendar tells me spring started yesterday–but who are you going to believe, your calendar or a vast multitude of tiny frogs?

They’re called spring peepers because they come out of hibernation in the spring, head for the nearest water, and strike up the band. Each frog is ridiculously tiny, but also ridiculously loud. When thousands of them get together at a little pond, you’ll know it.

We don’t have spring peepers in my neighborhood, so my editor, Susan, when the peepers get going in her back yard, calls me up so I can listen to them on the phone.

Once they’ve finished their mating season, you probably won’t see or hear them again until next spring. It’s easy to hide when you’re no bigger than a quarter.

One of the wonderful works of God’s hands!

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  1. Here in central Ohio, the first daffodils are a sign of … no, not spring, but the last frost of winter. It happens almost every year. The daffodils come up and everyone talks about how spring is finally here, then a hard frost comes up and kills the daffodils and gives us another week or so of cold weather, then a second round of daffodils comes up, and THEN finally we get spring. And no matter how many times this happens, everyone acts surprised. I guess that’s part of the tradition too. 🙂

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