Cats in a Tunnel

Puffy tails and runnin’ sideways–that’s how you know your cats are in touch with their inner goofies. Add a cat tunnel and watch the fun!

I’ve never seen that cat toy before. I wonder if Robbie and Peep would like it. Or would it just scare them?

4 comments on “Cats in a Tunnel

  1. Cat tunnels seem to be gaining in popularity, I’ve seen a number of them in cat videos, of late. The cats sure seem to have fun. They aren’t expensive and they fold up when not in use.

    At 3:23 into that video, the larger cat forgets himself and starts flying, soon to realize that he can be seen, so he returns to the ground, gracefully. 🙂

  2. I think I had as much fun watching them play as they had playing. But I wonder how long that tunnel will last? They’ve certainly given it quite a beating. 🙂

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