Sweetness Break: A Pile of Kittens

(It’s a good thing I’m a swordsman, or I’d never get away with being so sappy. But gee–piles of kittens! What could be sweeter than that?)

If this doesn’t cause chains of little hearts to stream out from your head, I don’t know what will. Has God heaped blessings on our plates, or what?

4 comments on “Sweetness Break: A Pile of Kittens

    1. I know. Kittens are about the sweetest creature alive, and champion cuddlers. I spend a substantial portion of every day with a very affectionate cat either on my lap, or right next to me. I consider it a gift from God.

  1. I keep trying to make a profound statement about these little sweeties, but it all comes out as “awwwwww.”

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