‘Mary Magdalene, on Easter Morning’ (2015)

Who Was Mary Magdalene: Wife, Prostitute or None of the Above? - HISTORY

I like to post this every Easter.

Mary Magdalene, on Easter Morning

Imagine deepest sorrow turned to highest joy–can you? Imagine the worst wrong you ever saw, suddenly put right. Can you? Have you ever seen something that really was too good to be true, impossibly good–and yet there it was, before your eyes?

The Bible tells us Mary followed Jesus, as a disciple, after he cast seven devils out of her: so she already knew a thing or two about horror, pain, and misery.

Now she is about to learn about joy.

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  1. This happens to one degree or another to every one of us who turns from sin, embraces the Lord and His salvation, and life direction turns on a dime and we never want to go back EVER.

  2. Our pastor told the story of Jesus today, and in it mentioned how Eve brought sin to Adam, etc, but then at the resurrection the angel tells Mary Magdalene to proclaim the good news of freedom from sin because of the Gospel

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