‘Stanford Students Ban Western Civilization’ (2016)

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You shouldn’t be allowed to study Western Civilization. That’s what the Stanford University, er, “student government” says.

Stanford Students Ban Western Civilization

Why does this remind me of some spoiled teenage girl who won’t clean her room and then runs away to join a cult where the big poobah can order her around like a slave, and she obeys?

We have salvation in Jesus Christ. No worldly entity can give us that. Not even the very best things this world has to offer–and college is very, very far from being that.

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  1. But of course if no one studies Western civilization, how do they know that it’s all “white supremacism”?

    I used to remind my students that if they didn’t study ideas that they supposedly disagreed with, how did they know they actually disagreed, or what they were disagreeing with? And how would they go about convincing someone else if they didn’t know what they were arguing against? For that matter, how would they know whether their own ideas were solid if they never tested them?

    I actually insisted that they write all their papers — at both the graduate and the undergraduate level — as though they were writing to someone who disagreed with their points. I told them that when I read their papers, I’d be reading as though I disagreed with them, even if I personally did agree, and I’d comment and grade accordingly. Very often I’d give a poor grade to someone who argued badly about something he or she knew I really agreed with, and a high grade to someone who disagreed with me and didn’t entirely convince me but framed an excellent argument that made me rethink ways to support my own position on the subject.

    They don’t do these things in colleges any more. Reason is Bad. Reaction is Good. That’s why I retired early.

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