I don’t know if this is the Emanuel that Erlene had in mind as her hymn request, but it’s my best guess. I usually think of this as a hymn for Christmas-time, but it works just as well for Easter: Emanuel, sung by Amy Grant.

By Request, The Hallelujah Chorus

Phoebe asked for The Hallelujah Chorus (from Handel’s Messiah), so we’ve got The Hallelujah Chorus, performed by The English Concert and Choir. It works just as well for Easter as for Christmas–or for any other day.

By Request, ‘An Easter Hallelujah’

I was going to do another nooze post–but naah, never mind. I’ll do this instead, it’s better for us.

Requested by Joshua, An Easter Hallelujah, sing by Cassandra Star Armstrong and her elder sister, Callahan.

We’re going to keep posting Easter hymns for a while.

By Request, ‘Pie Jesu’

We have this Easter hymn from my friend, “Jessicafischerqueen,” at Chessgames. com–Pie Jesu (O, Sweet Jesus), from a requiem by Faure. The soprano solost is Lisa Beckley.

By Request, ‘Glorious Day’

We have this from one of my friends at Chessgames.com, “Ohio Chess Fan”–Glorious Day, by Casting Crowns.

We’ll post Easter hymns all week, or for as long as you like. We do try to fulfill all hymn requests, and just now, I’m happy to say, we’ve got a bundle of them.

By Request, ‘To Jesus Christ, Our Sovereign King’

Requested by Phoebe, another glorious hymn for Easter–To Jesus Christ, Our Sovereign King, performed by the choir and orchestra at St. Mary’s Church, Littleton, Colorado.

Hardly anybody here yet–an ideal time to request a hymn.

By Request, ‘Jesus Christ Is Risen Today’

Requested by Phoebe, Jesus Christ is Risen Today, sung by the Kings College Choir, Cambridge.

This Easter hymn brings a tear to my eye. It seems to me that in it I can hear all my loved ones who have gone before–which is most of them–singing this hymn in a heavenly choir. What is that lump in my throat?

It’s Jesus, wanting us to know He is risen.

‘Mary Magdalene, on Easter Morning’ (2015)

Who Was Mary Magdalene: Wife, Prostitute or None of the Above? - HISTORY

I like to post this every Easter.

Mary Magdalene, on Easter Morning

Imagine deepest sorrow turned to highest joy–can you? Imagine the worst wrong you ever saw, suddenly put right. Can you? Have you ever seen something that really was too good to be true, impossibly good–and yet there it was, before your eyes?

The Bible tells us Mary followed Jesus, as a disciple, after he cast seven devils out of her: so she already knew a thing or two about horror, pain, and misery.

Now she is about to learn about joy.

By Request, ‘Up From the Grave He Arose’

This is my favorite Easter hymn,so I was more than a little pleased when Erlene requested it.

Up From the Grave He Arose, sung by Voices of Eden–Happy Easter, everybody!

‘Hawking: “Only World Government Can Save Us”‘ (2017)

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As we enter the weekend set aside to celebrate Jesus Christ, His atoning death on the cross and then His resurrection, we might want to spare a prayer for the spiritually impoverished. They may be rich and famous, basking in the glow of fawning publicity: but they are poorer than a beggar. Like, for instance, world-renowned Scientist, Stephen Hawking.

Hawking: Only World Government Can Save Us

His argument goes: we humans are bad, bad, bad and that’s our nature–we’re with you there, dude; only we call it Original Sin–so what we must have, if we’re to survive, is an all-powerful world government to rein us in.

Uh-huh. And who’s gonna be in the world government? More of them bad, bad humans! Only now they’ll be in a state of perpetual temptation by unrestrained power over others. Or as our country’s founders put it, the bigger the government, the bigger its abuses.

They’ll eat us alive, Steve-o.