Calling in Sick

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Just so you know, and don’t wonder what happened, I’m calling in sick to Newswithviews this week. It’s been at least two months since I got a single referral from there, and it’s too much work to do for too little results.

I admit the nooze is getting to me. I admit I’d give practically anything to stay in bed all day with my books and have my mother bring me ginger ale… but it’s only a temptation, I won’t do that.

We are living in the evilest time I can imagine–in its own unique way, worse than World War II. Can a cabal of power-hungry globalists do to us what Hitler and Tojo with all their fleets and armies couldn’t do? We outlasted the Soviet Union, only to be poisoned by Obama & Co.? That’s a depressing thought.

We all need a breather, but we’ve got to keep working. At least keep praying.

As far as we can, for as long as we can…

9 comments on “Calling in Sick

  1. I sometimes have to call in sick to my Bible study group, because I really am sick. I hate missing, but there have been days when vertigo, upset stomach, etc along with weakness and sore body make it impossible to go anywhere. I hope to make it tomorrow, as I have teaching to share. We shall see. I pray for strength and encouragement for you as well as many others I am praying for.

  2. I read your NWV column every week! — but usually the referral works in the opposite direction, i.e., I follow the link from here to there. Sometimes not, though, since I’ve signed up for NWV notifications and sometimes get notified before I’ve read your post saying the article is up.

    1. Now I feel all sorts of guilty about bailing out on NWV this week. My morale is pretty low. I used to get tons of referrals from the NWV column, but now I’m getting none at all.

      It’s probably too late today to crank something about, especially since I can’t seem to decide what to write about.

      Well, I’ll have to try a bit harder next week. Unless I get a brainstorm and am able to whip up a column tomorrow.

  3. I believe we are on the verge of seeing Psalm 2 come to fruition. What Satan, the world system, and the Left don’t realize is the Church of the living Lord Jesus Christ is unstoppable (God always has His remnant).

  4. I think that it’s safe to say that we are in stringent times. Things have changed, and are continuing to change. Follow your conscience and your heart.

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