Can They Force You to Get Vaccinated?

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We seem to have entered a grey area–a kind of limbo where our liberties can magically be whisked away before we know it.

Can they force you to receive a COVID vaccine?

Oh, the answer’s simple. It’s either “No, they can’t” or “Yes, they can,” depending on whom you talk to. I’m glad I was able to clear that up for you.

By “force you,” I don’t necessarily mean an edict from the government, a ukase from the czar. They’ll be just as happy, as they always are, to let their puppets in the private sector do their dirty work. So maybe your boss, your airline, your local supermarket, or your condo association can force you to get a shot: if not, you’re fired, or you can’t travel, you can’t shop, or you get kicked out of your nice gated community. They’ve got more tricks than a barrel of monkeys.

The only reason the picture’s complicated–see–is because the COVID medicines have not yet received full FDA approval, and are therefor considered experimental drugs. An emergency has to exist before they can be used at all.

The Food, Drug, and Cosmetics Act, Section iii under (A) Required Conditions, protects an individual’s right to refuse any drug that has not been FDA-approved. Furthermore, the government must inform you of that right.

But it does not say what happens if the private sector forces you to receive the drug as a condition of your employment, etc.

Then there’s the 14th Amendment to the Constitution, the law of the land, ha ha, which declares, “No State shall abridge the privileges or immunities of any citizens of the United States…” That would appear to clinch it; but again, what if it’s someone in the private sector abridging your privileges or immunities? Historically, at least in recent history, it hasn’t been allowed: you can’t, for instance, have a restaurant that refuses to serve persons under six feet tall. But it didn’t stop government or anyone else from handing out special privileges and favors labeled “affirmative action.”

It seems that our laws in this respect are so loose and imprecise as to leave us totally in suspense as to what we can expect. Will they force us, or won’t they? And if an experimental drug has hideous long-term side effects that don’t show up until ten years later… well, who you gonna call? Gee, sorry about that.

I’d feel better about all this if I wasn’t increasingly suspicious that it’s part of a clever plan to bury our liberties under a world government–all for our own good, of course–run by perverts and cannibals.

4 comments on “Can They Force You to Get Vaccinated?

  1. The answer is that they’ll force you but insist it isn’t force because you have a choice, i.e., either take the jab or lose the job. They haven’t dictated which you should choose, and therefore it isn’t force. A silly little matter of shifting definitions has never stopped them before, and it won’t stop them now.

    Ironically, in the proposed “Equality Act” and some court rulings, the same people have redefined “consent” in matters of rape to exclude that very same type of “choice” that they say isn’t force in cases of the vaccine. But as I just said, to the postmodernist progressive, the meaning of words is endlessly deferred. Or as Humpty Dumpty would say, “a word means whatever I want it to mean.” Humpty was a proto-postmodernist.

  2. If you take one of the vaccines and then grow an extra eye or a tail you can’t sue anyone. Here in Arkansas the Johnson & Johnson covid vaccine has been paused because of causing blood clots. My wife and I are not taking the vaccine, but we are doubling up on zinc, Vitamin D3, and Vitamin C.

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