Tortured by the Tax Man

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Well, this day is shaping up to be a real rotter.

Because of a combined screw-up by the IRS and our bank in 2019, today our phone is tied up, there is no access to the breakfast table because it’s knee-deep in paperwork, I can’t eat unless I want to do it standing up, my wife is listening to endless streams of wretched muzak as she tries to get through to someone, anyone, at the IRS–gee, this could take all day! And then, and only then, can we do our grocery shopping!

The IRS says we owe money on our taxes. We had that money withheld for taxes, but the bank never bothered to finish the transaction. So far it has taken 40 minutes of phone time and we have yet to speak to anyone. Call the bank, and they make you listen to muzak for 15 minutes before a recorded voice tells you they won’t be answering their phone.

I want my breakfast.

Sorry, Charlie, government comes first!

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