We’ve Got Our Tulips Back

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Last year the squirrels ate all the flowers as soon as they bloomed. This year, deer stopped by and ate the buds. But they missed two of them, and so we put a tomato cage over the two remaining buds; and as they grew, we put bricks under the cage to give them room to grow. So now we have two gorgeous bright-red tulips growing by our front door.

It’s such a treat to see them again. I love the deer, but really, they shouldn’t eat our tulips! But the cage has stymied both them and the squirrels.

Flowers are one of the ways God has of telling us that He’s never farther than a prayer away.

6 comments on “We’ve Got Our Tulips Back

  1. We’ve made the mistake of feeding the squirrels. Now they have come to expect no demand it. One in particular follows us around like a puppy dog begging for treats. Lately it has been jumping onto the blind to get our attention as if to say feed me!

  2. I love the tulips. I haven’t the strength and energy to raise flowers any more. In previous years, I grew everything from roses to pansies. I miss them. I also miss the squirrels at my former home. I left nuts
    on the fence in containers for them, and they visited daily. The scenery around here is beautiful, but I
    miss the beauties of former homes.

    1. Erlene, our tulips renew themselves every year; this was the first time in 40 years that I had to do anything special for them.
      We have a lot of nice wildflowers around, too–courtesy of the Lord.

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