A Cat’s Voyage of Self-Discovery

How old were you when you first discovered you had… ears? Was it a shock? A thrill?

Here is a cat at the moment of discovery. “What the heck are those pointy things up here? Do they come off?”

Louis XIII was never entirely convinced that he had ears.

5 comments on “A Cat’s Voyage of Self-Discovery

    1. They make out better than chameleons, who get highly excited by their own reflections–more than is good for them.

  1. This is a precious sight. What a cute little cat and how amazing to see it learning something new, about itself. BTW, I would suggest that this confirms that cats comprehend their reflection.

  2. Too funny! But what a lovely cat.

    And this may not be the right place for a hymn request, but how about “How Great Thou Art”?

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