Listen to God’s Sentinels

Boy, howdy, that last post left a foul taste in my mouth!

Well, here’s a tiny watchman on the wall–a little pika chirping out a warning. These small relatives of rabbits live among the rocky slopes of mountains, and they let each other know when danger’s coming.

How often have God’s watchmen sounded the trumpet from the walls! It would have been good for us to listen.

3 comments on “Listen to God’s Sentinels

  1. My cat Iggy sometimes makes a sound like that, usually when I’m slow about setting out his food. 🙂

  2. That’s a great way of illustrating matters. Romans 1 tells us that the creation is a witness, unto itself. Many people pay no attention to this witness being given them, and true watchmen are frequently ignored by the vast majority of humans. It’s time to pay attention.

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