Running Out of Gas

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I’m supposed to write a Newswithviews column today; and April has been a brutal month for this blog–viewer numbers have crashed down to 2016-type levels. And I have no idea why, and don’t know what to do about it.

And soon the weather will allow me to start writing my next book, but I don’t have a title for it yet, although I do have two important plot lines for the story. Still, where you gonna go without a title?

Well, you can’t be a writer if you can’t keep plodding on through hard times. My father used to call writing books that no one would publish and collecting rejection slips “livin’ the life of Reilly.” I got really rather sick of Mr. Reilly.

There’s really only one choice: give up or keep going. I’ve always chosen to keep going.

Which doesn’t give me a Newswithviews topic or a book title… but I’ll think of something. If I rely on the Lord to bless my work, He’ll give me maybe not what I want, but surely what I need.

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  1. That is the way it works, for those who trust the Lord for guidance. We sometimes think we know what we need, but He has something better in mind. Blessings on your day. You’ll get ‘er done.

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