‘Giant 5-Headed Snake’ vs. Oncoming Train

(Thanks to Susan for the, um, news tip)

Sorry I had to dump all that unedifying “education” nooze on you. But the nooze is the nooze, and I can’t help it.

For something completely different, here’s a giant 5-headed cobra trying to stop an oncoming train. Honk if you believe any of this is real. It would be upsetting to think this fooled anybody.

Which raises a question: have people grown more credulous? Immersed in high tech razzle-dazzle that they don’t begin to understand, have people really and truly gotten dumber by the day? The hoaxes get clumsier and clumsier… but that doesn’t seem to stop them.


9 comments on “‘Giant 5-Headed Snake’ vs. Oncoming Train

  1. Obviously faked. The video is from a simulator program.

    Personally, whenever I see a five-headed Cobra, i floor it and hope for the best. 🙂

  2. Many of the fraudulent pictures and videos are hard to detect. They can even make politicians say whatever they want said and it looks totally convincing. The Digital World is a dangerous one.

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