Little Baby Puts the Whammy on a Cat

What a pity that we can’t remember the things we thought and felt when we were babies. Like, our first interactions with the family cat–what were those like?

Well, the baby here is a sealed book to us, but the cat is pretty easy to read. He’s confused. And wait’ll you see what happens when he tries to cover it up by playing cool.

Do babies ever go “Heh-heh-heh!”?

2 comments on “Little Baby Puts the Whammy on a Cat

  1. I remember that when I was small, animals delighted me. I wanted to hold them, even though I wasn’t much larger than they were. As an adult, the reaction of animals to babies fascinates me. They seem to be, at the very least, interested, but they are cautious as well. In this case, a bit too cautious. 🙂

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