Dating Tips for Awful People

Eastern Collared Lizard | Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation

This male collared lizard is ready to rock and roll! Those are his mating colors. But wait! He has an awful personality, no one would be caught dead with him–

Enough of this. I’ve been dialoguing with WordPress for an hour, trying to find out why no Newswithviews referrals show up on my stats page, and why my viewer numbers are so bad.

If I understand what he told me–and it’s a big if, I might not have understood it at all–my promble is with the search engines. Somehow my ranking in the search engine world has bottomed out. For instance, I had 2,242 search engine referrals in December, but only 1,703 in April. That only accounts for part of the drop-off, though.

I’m told it would help if I got more action on the social media. Well, I don’t know–how do I get anyone to share my posts on his or her social media page? I put all my posts on Patty’s Facebook page. Where they go from there, I know not.

So, just for the halibut, I have resorted to a mostly dishonest headline for this post to see if “dating tips” will tempt some search engines. Probably it’ll just make awful people mad at me when they realize they won’t be getting any sure-fire dating tips, after all.

Wait, here’s one: don’t have an awful personality. Just don’t. How’s that for advice?

Anyway, let’s see what happens next. I have no idea how to pump up my search engine ranking. Maybe if I could get my Twitter page going again, along with Instagram or whatever, I might do better. Let me see what Jill says.

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