Dating Tips for Awful People

Eastern Collared Lizard | Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation

This male collared lizard is ready to rock and roll! Those are his mating colors. But wait! He has an awful personality, no one would be caught dead with him–

Enough of this. I’ve been dialoguing with WordPress for an hour, trying to find out why no Newswithviews referrals show up on my stats page, and why my viewer numbers are so bad.

If I understand what he told me–and it’s a big if, I might not have understood it at all–my promble is with the search engines. Somehow my ranking in the search engine world has bottomed out. For instance, I had 2,242 search engine referrals in December, but only 1,703 in April. That only accounts for part of the drop-off, though.

I’m told it would help if I got more action on the social media. Well, I don’t know–how do I get anyone to share my posts on his or her social media page? I put all my posts on Patty’s Facebook page. Where they go from there, I know not.

So, just for the halibut, I have resorted to a mostly dishonest headline for this post to see if “dating tips” will tempt some search engines. Probably it’ll just make awful people mad at me when they realize they won’t be getting any sure-fire dating tips, after all.

Wait, here’s one: don’t have an awful personality. Just don’t. How’s that for advice?

Anyway, let’s see what happens next. I have no idea how to pump up my search engine ranking. Maybe if I could get my Twitter page going again, along with Instagram or whatever, I might do better. Let me see what Jill says.

Should Christians Shun the Social Media?

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Obviously I’m not going to say “Yes!” because here I am on WordPress, and WordPress is part of the social media. But–

I like to think that we’ve created a Christian fellowship here on this blog, open to Christians all over the world. (See our Mission Statement.) I love hearing from my Christian friends from Japan, Trinidad, India, Kenya, and all points in between.

To be sure, there are certain aspects of the social media that a Christian ought to shun. Gossip, tittle-tattle, rumor-mongering. Anonymous sniping and trolling of people you disagree with. You can find all that on Facebook, and plenty of it. Here at WordPress I can at least delete that stuff.

But why should a church, or a Christian school, or a Christian fishing club forbid its members to use the social media? Why would a church want to break up an online Christian fellowship? Okay, if there’s something unseemly going on, on the website, then you’ll want people to steer clear of it. But if not…? Is this one of those churches that declares “Only our denomination is the true Christian church! All the rest are saracens”?

Starting in the 18th century, Christians have written off great chunks of the culture, resigning it to the enemies of Christ’s Kingdom. This ought not to be. We ought to be striving for the expansion of His Kingdom, and reclaiming ground we’ve lost. So it seems foolish to surrender the social media to the ungodly, instead of learning to use it as a powerful tool for carrying out the Great Commission. There’s something to be said for believers at the opposite ends of the earth being able to comfort and encourage one another.

I don’t care much for that denominational insularity. That’s not how Christ’s Kingdom grows. How many times does the Bible exhort God’s people to stick together? And not just in the New Testament, either.

Christians need more fellowship, not less.


Suicidally Stupid

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No, I’m not going to run the stupid video. Here’s something better–an alpine newt in an aquarium. At least a thousand times better.

(Thanks to Susan for the nooze tip)

Okay, Tide-pod challenge out–Coronavirus challenge, in!

This is how to get famous on the social media. All you’ve got to do is film yourself licking a toilet seat on an airliner or some other public place (

The first lost soul to do it said she did it because she doesn’t want to “get old and ugly.” Keep licking toilet seats, sunshine, and you won’t have to worry about the “old” part. As for ugly–well, suicidal idiocy is not exactly beautiful.

Some might call it natural selection for extinction.

We keep telling you: you can’t just kill the culture, day in, day out, and expect nothing bad to happen. Our schools are killing it, our “entertainment” is killing it, and now it’s going to kill us back.

Uh, social media–you guys who censor Christians and conservatives–anybody home? Are you, like, gonna censor these videos, so that morons and idiots who think they can get famous by publicly doing really stupid things, won’t have this avenue of self-expression anymore?

Unexpected moral lesson: there are some selves that really shouldn’t be expressed.

How to Rile Your Weatherman

Fox 45 weatherman Jamie Simpson, in Dayton, Ohio, got fed up with his viewing audience when they complained about a special tornado report interrupting a broadcast of “The Bachelorette.”

Dayton is tornado country and they’d been having a lot of them: “This is a dangerous situation, okay?” Simpson said. Yeah, man, but, like, y’know, you interrupted the program!

The tornado warning had only just begun when Bachelorette viewers began to hit the social media with their gripes. The weatherman could hardly believe it.

I am not persuaded that there’s any such word as bachelorette in the English language; and if there is, there shouldn’t be.

Anyway, Bachelorette fans wanted the network to stop the tornado warnings and go back to the show. Sort of like people in Pompeii complaining about the lictors interrupting a gladiatorial swordfight to warn them that Mt. Vesuvius was erupting. And getting booed for it.

No quokkas were involved in the incident in Dayton.

The Horror of Sheer Godlessness

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I wish I could remember which of you recommended this movie to us. Feel free to remind me.

The Circle is a 2017 techno-thriller starring Emma Watson (Harry Potter) and Tom Hanks (Far Left Crazy). It received an awful lot of bad reviews (somebody called it “the reason people hate Hollywood”), but I would call it a timely, worthwhile horror movie. One might even say an appalling horror movie.

Watson plays a young woman, nobody special, who lands a job with The Circle, the world’s biggest media corporation, a social media colossus reminiscent of Google, not to mention Scientology meets Amway–with the Tower of Babel and Revelation thrown in. Hanks, playing the lord high CEO of The Circle, sums up its philosophy succinctly: “Knowing things is good. But knowing everything is better!”

And so you have this hi-tech amoeba spreading out to engulf everybody, and we’re all cool with that because once the sum total of human knowledge and experience is gathered into one place and digitized, etc., “We will reach our full potential” (God forbid!) and be able to do everything and solve every single problem in the world. Indeed, there will be nothing too trivial for The Circle to sink its fangs into. There will be no more privacy: because having a personal experience not shared by everybody in the world is “selfish.”

But this is where Satan takes us, with his promise that “ye shall be as gods.” He always takes us there! A less deserving object of worship than ourselves should be, for anyone not totally off his chump, impossible to imagine.

It’s almost as hard to imagine how horrible it would be to live in a world from which privacy has literally been eradicated. The Circle has even succeeded in making membership mandatory and getting the government to require everyone to vote–a little fantasy which President *Batteries Not Included used to kick around.

The Circle abounds with babble about “democracy,” abundantly demonstrating why our country’s founders had a horror of it, and did everything in their power to give us a republic instead. Or you could read The Peloponnesian War, Thucydides’ eyewitness account of the political hysteria that led to the civic suicide of Athens.

Maybe we don’t want to be “connected” with everyone else in the world. Maybe we don’t want to know what Joe Blow in Brazzaville had for supper that night. Maybe we absolutely no way want a global government, or a global anything for that matter.

The last time we tried this, building the Tower of Babel, God came down and confounded our language. It was an act of mercy. He was protecting us from those who would devour us alive.

If He has to do it again, it won’t be pretty.


Piling On!

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I know someone–to spare her further inconvenience, she shall remain nameless–who found her own Facebook page burdened by a message from some leftid who announced, “I’m voting Blue [Democrat/communist] in November!” To which she replied, “Who cares?”–when any reply at all, other than instant agreement, would have been a mistake.

Next thing she knew, her page was flooded with libs, all taking exception to the two words she wrote. It went on all day. I could’ve told her that would happen, but anticipating nothing of the kind, she never asked.

“Conversation,” in lib-speak, consists of as many leftids as can be packed into the room all shouting at the one poor devil who dissented from their opinion and who must now be hammered into silence. They call this “diversity.”

Remember: They’re only 8% of the population! It’s unseemly for 8% to bully 92%. Okay, with a population of 300 million, 8% still gives the Left some two and a half million fat-heads to work with. And normal people, among the remaining 280 million, have a lot of things they’d rather do, and had better do, than troll liberals’ social media pages.

Hint: Defunding the colleges would be a big, big help!

My Newswithviews Column, Aug. 9 (‘The Real Climate Change’)

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Does it seem to you that leftids, suddenly, are doubling down on their efforts to exert total control over the means of communication? Like they intend to silence all conservative voices–that is, everybody who’s not them–in time for the midterms?

They own the social media–literally–and now they’re trying to shut non-liberals out of it. Ordinarily I don’t hold with telling people what to do with their property. But the social media have spilled so far over into the public sector by now that it seems some intervention would be justified.

Facebook in the Soup

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I’m finding this story very hard to keep straight, but here goes my best try.

America’s nooze media and its Democrat sponsors are hopping mad at Facebook for, they say, turning over private user data, by the millions, to political campaigns. They’re mad now because Donald Trump’s 2016 primary campaign hired a British firm, Cambridge Analytica, to provide data that might be useful to their efforts; and that Facebook, illegally, was the source of that data.

But in 2012, the Obama campaign used tons of Facebook data, provided by Facebook, for the same purpose–which, according to Investors Business Daily, is “fact” ( Only the nooze media weren’t upset about it then because it benefited Democrats.

Now that the latest story has come out, Facebook stock has plunged, the Federal Trade Commission is investigating, the House Judiciary Committee has questions, and British officials are looking into Cambridge Analytica–which out of one corner of its mouth brags about performing dirty tricks to meddle in elections all over the world, and out of the other, insists it has done nothing wrong.

This comes on the heels of a censorship scandal: Facebook, Google, Twitter, and other social media have been caught suppressing the free speech of conservatives and anyone else who isn’t a flaming leftid. Some of you have personally experienced this.

Rush Limbaugh says the social media are owned, top to bottom, by the Left–so of course they want to censor us. But ownership by the Left notwithstanding, conservatives have successfully used the social media to get their message out, to come together and work together for their cause.

I think the nooze media would like it a lot if the social media just went away, despite the social media’s active efforts on behalf of leftism. They may be allies, but they’re also competition. Noozies would dearly love to go back to the days of no alternative media at all.

And so an intramural food fight is developing among major players on the Left, and who knows how it will turn out? I’d like to see conservatives form their own social media outlets–which may, indeed, be happening–and, if nothing else, compel the existing social media giants to clean up their act for fear of losing half (or more) of their market.

Say It Ain’t So!

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I’ve been having a lot of strange and unpleasant dreams lately, and I dearly hoped that this was one of them. But it isn’t.

Michelle Obama for President. 2020. (

Both Obamas deny this is in the works. Because they are Democrats, and totally unable to speak the truth on purpose, that means they’re already working on it.

And it’s already big on Twitter and Facebook. Or so they say. It’s not like it’s the hardest thing in the world to create a fake social media buzz. They’ve got one tweet that says of Mrs. O running for president, “This would be the most iconic thing to ever happen in history.” I am so glad I didn’t say that.

So what is this? The Democrats are now the Wife Party, or what? Being related to a national leader qualifies you to be the next national leader?

It’s got to  be a dream. It’s just got to.

Jesu defend us.


The Return of the Facebook Thingy

As mysteriously as they vanished this afternoon, now they’re back–the little numbers inside the blue Facebook circle at the bottom of each post on this blog. I have no idea what made them disappear, nor have I any idea by what unknown agency they have returned.

I don’t want you to get the idea that I’m thin-skinned about the idea of getting censored for my views. We’re not Europe yet–although News With Views, where I have a column once a week, has had real censorship (read “hacking”) issues which they have been put to a lot of trouble to rectify.

Someday soon in London, England, a blog like this will probably become impossible, what with a specially trained police squad–did I just say “police squad?” As in Leslie Nielson?–and a lot of frothing-at-the-mouth left-wing “volunteers,” backed up by Home Office money. London’s new Sharia Lite regime wishes to extirpate “hate speech,” meaning any speech that leftids and their cohorts don’t like. Don’t look for “Death to the infidels!” to be listed as a thing you’re not allowed to say.

Oh, well… time for a nap. See y’all later.