Funniest Cats & Kittens

This is a very funny collection, even though a couple of the clips have appeared in other compilations. Plus we have dogs and puppies on hand in a supporting role.

Let’s face it, cats do some really funny things.

What was the funniest thing one of your cats ever did? I’m in the mood for anecdotes!

2 comments on “Funniest Cats & Kittens

  1. A lot of funny things don’t seem funny at the time but draw a laugh in retrospect. My red Persian, Pooh, (two cats before Iggy) used to like to eat with his paws, especially when it was a matter of swiping food out from under my mother’s cat while he was eating. Well, one evening I was eating dinner — spaghetti with lots of tomato sauce — when the phone rang across the room. I jumped up to answer it, said I’d call back, and returned to my dinner … only to find Pooh sitting in my chair, pulling spaghetti strands into his mouth with his paw, and, between bites, carefully wiping the tomato sauce off his paw on my beautiful white-and-black print tablecloth. I let out a yell, and Pooh jumped to the floor and led me on a chase around the table, finally ducking under the floor-length tablecloth and sticking out his head with the Cute Look that only Persians are capable of. I dissolved in laughter. The tomato stain, unfortunately, never fully dissolved.

    I never had a cat dump a tree on me when I was doing homework, but my first cat, Stoop, learned how to turn off the overhead light by jumping up and grabbing the wall switch in both paws. She just did it a few times, though, and then seemed to tire of it.

    1. Our boy Buster once managed to don a pair of Patty’s undies and then sit in the front window for everyone to see. He had his head through a leg-hole.

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