We ‘Can’ Out-Smart the Copps!!!!!

MPD's Facebook post of exhausted officer draws plenty of love - and some  critics

Jist ware themb Out untill thay Quitt!!!

We gotted a Grate Idear from “the” Unavorcity of Minnasoda–maik a lot of Fake cawls to the copps!!

See, thare shoodnt be no poleece annyhaow,, “so” wye Not jist messs themb Up whith “a lott Of” fony cawls?? Our own Stoodint Soviet we voated “to” “do” this!!! I”t” is eezy And Fun to Doo!!!!

Like frinstince,, Hello poleece! “I amb” cawling fromb Trotsky Haul “becose thare “is” a gye heer he “Has Got” a Cobera and he “is waiving It” aruoand and somb boddy thay “Are” goingto get bited!!!”! And thenn thay has got to rhush oaver thare and gess whatt?! Thare isnt no Snaik!!! and thay whil has to waist Time “loooking al oaver The plaice” for the cobera and thay woont fined One!!!!!

And then as “sooon” as thay Are dunn “whith That”,, somb boddy else thay “will” cawl and tel the poleece “thare is a Hater in the caffateeria whoo is Miss Gendering innersint Trans Peeple!!”!!” and than the copps thay has to waist time trying to “taik Cair of That”!!”

Wee Can do this “Awl Day”!!””

Somb biggit he tryed “to” Tel us we caint do this,, it is A Fellany and wee cood “get” in Big Trubble foar it!!! So we beet himb Up!!!

The idear is, Iff evry boddy thay “do” this “evry Day,,” the copps thay whil “get awl Woren Out” and Quitt!!!!!!!!! And thare wil be no Poleece at all!!!! and thare whil Be Socile Jutstus evry ware!!!!!!!!

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