From Kristi Ann’s Haven


Can we go to Kristi Ann’s Haven? I used to reblog from there a lot, before they took away my “Reblog” and “Share This” functions.

Let’s try. Here goes.

Of course, I have to finish posting the post before I can see how the link worked. If it did, then you’ll be able to visit Kristi Ann for uplifting Bible verses and insights.

Fingers crossed…

4 comments on “From Kristi Ann’s Haven

  1. The link worked for me — and I do want to go back to the website a little later when I have more time to explore it. But right now I’m revving up for morning chores.

    Lee, can we have another round of “Were You Washed in the Blood of the Lamb”? (Yes, I know we “can,” but may we?) (Grammar.) 😉

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