‘NY School: No More Books’ (2017)

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How a civilization dies

In 2017 the nimrods running the Life Sciences Secondary School in New York City decided books were old and useless and from now on the school would go bookless–another one of those stories that made its little splash and then was heard no more, when our Free & Independent Nooze Media failed to follow it up.

NY School: No More Books

How stupid are The Smartest People In The World? Man, they show me nothin’! Do you like the way they’ve responded to the COVID crisis–which, in all probability, they created? Do you like the way they perform as caretakers of our culture?

Ruled, lorded over, governed, and educated by immoral morons…

5 comments on “‘NY School: No More Books’ (2017)

  1. Books are dangerous. They can be hidden from The Authorities, and they can be consulted without any special hardware, software, or even external energy sources. They can also be passed from hand to hand without external communication technology. They (dare we say it?) empower the individual.

    Of course, they can be prevented from being published or distributed commercially — but they can always be copied by hand or printed on underground presses. The samizdat functioned fairly well this way in the Soviet Union. And eventually we may be reduced to this in our own country.

  2. We had the president of our local school board at our last City Elders meeting. He was asked questions about how the textbooks we selected. He said that was done by a committee of unelected people, but that books would soon be a thing of the past because all curriculum will be online.

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