The GOP Needs Fumigating, Too

Pollster Frank Luntz Says 2020 Results Are 'Devastating' for Profession

Frank Luntz–really bad advice, by the bucketful

Among the very worst things that can happen anywhere in America is for Democrats to be elected to any public office. But they couldn’t do the damage that they do without help from a lot of twollops in the GOP.

Pollster and alleged political expert Frank Luntz, for instance–who, by the way, rents a room to House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy ( They’re very close.

If you’re a Lord of the Rings fan, for “Frank Luntz” read “Wormtongue.”

Luntz advises Republicans that their base just can’t get enough of… they call it “immigration”… and are just totally gung-ho to amnesty a couple tens of millions of illegal aliens and give them free stuff and turn them into voters ASAP.

Have these people got amnesia? Don’t they remember the American people melting down the switchboards in D.C. to object to George W. Bush’s amnesty proposals? Maybe Luntz tells the GOP that we like Obamacare, too–not to mention cancel culture,  critical race theory, and men who pretend to be women dominating women’s sports.

Any Republican who listens to Luntz needs to have his head examined.

We have to weed these RINOs out of the Republican Party. They are aiding and abetting Democrats in their crimes against America.

And there’s not much time left before we have no country to save.

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