Meanwhile, the Comment Contest…

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What the dickens is this? We’ve got a comment contest running, on our way to 75,000 comments–and we’ve got one today? One? At that rate, the contest won’t be over until sometime in 2025.

G’day–or not. Byron the Quokka here, trying to rally the troops because obviously Lee has no idea what he’s doing. Really, several of us quokkas have been trying to train him, but he hasn’t been up to speed since 1971.

Meanwhile, the Bad Guys out there have got us shadow-banned and we need extraordinary efforts now to accomplish ordinary things! (Did that come out right?)

You folks who’ve never commented before–we need you! We need everybody. Let’s have some comments already! Show the bad guys that they can’t keep us down. Witty, insightful, sagacious, and sometimes funny or even indignant comments–and you’re all welcome to join in.

Let’s hear it!

9 comments on “Meanwhile, the Comment Contest…

  1. Is it okay for us to comment if we have nothing intelligent or pertinent to say? Or is that okay only for politicians? 🙂

    1. You always have intelligent and pertinent comments. So do some of our other readers. I get great comments here. That’s why it’s so shocking to open up in the morning and find only… one.

  2. Well, great scott, what happened to the comments I posted?! I haven’ t had a lot to say, but I did say something a couple of times. Guess they didn’t seem worth posting or something.

    1. Erlene, I never saw them. I never, never, never block your comments. I find it very frustrating if they don’t get posted.

  3. I wasn’t blaming you for blocking my comments, Lee. I think it has to do with this stupid computer program. My face book comments often don’t get posted either. Somebody may not like them.

    1. If I get an inane stupid comment from a leftid, I just get rid of it. But my real readers’ comments are gold to me, and I would hate for you to think I was blocking you.

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