New Monstrosity at Rockefeller Center


Is there some reason why any American city should celebrate “African Culture”? With a 25-foot-high statue, no less.

This monstrosity now occupies Rockefeller Center. It is said the artist used his own face as a model. Don’t worry; he doesn’t really look like that.

What does that sculpture even mean? Why is it there? Just how “African” are African-Americans?

Well, all right, Italian-Americans and Irish-Americans are not exactly bashful about celebrating the Old Country–although their ancestors didn’t choose to stay there, did they? So if African-Americans want to “celebrate,” they have a right to it.

But it’s not clear to me, from the nooze story (, how this artistic disaster was paid for, or by whom. If it was public money, tax money, the people of New York have been ripped off again.

Question! When are Far Left crazies going to tear down this statue?

Quote, from Cato the Elder: “I would rather people asked why I don’t have a statue, than why I do.”

4 comments on “New Monstrosity at Rockefeller Center

  1. Out of morbid curiosity I looked up this monstrosity. The guy who made it said it was partly inspired by Greek mythology, which is weird considering it’s supposed to honor African culture.

  2. Actually, there isn’t any “African” culture or physical type. Africa is a huge continent, with many different ethnic groups and skin colors. Furthermore, much of sub-Saharan Africa is tribal rather than national (let alone continental), with tribal warfare constantly breaking out in various “countries.” See, for example, the tribal warfare in Nigeria, Rwanda, South Africa, and others, as well as the war against black Christians and animists in South Sudan by the Arab Muslims of North Sudan. You can tell a Watusi from a Pygmy at a glance, as well as a Moroccan or Egyptian from a Kenyan or Congolese. There’s actually more ethnic variety among the peoples of Africa than there is among the peoples of almost any other continent, including Europe. So all this talk about an African people or African culture is anti-Western politics, not genuine appreciation of Africa itself.

  3. They could have a better art for African Art, if they want to do it, IMO. But it seems sometimes these leftists want to rebel against actual beauty and God

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