Coming Soon: ‘The Wind from Heaven’

 Cover by Kirk DouPonce

The book is being printed as we speak–well, all right, we’re not exactly speaking, but you know what I mean–and should become available any day now: The Wind from Heaven, Book No. 13 in my Bell Mountain series. It’ll be available in both paperback and e-book format.

Thrills and excitement galore, in an exotic fantasy setting, winners of two Global E-Book Awards, and all according to a Biblical worldview–read the books, support the blog, make the leftids gnash their teeth.

And find out all about those mysterious ships that have appeared off the coast of Durmurot…

11 comments on “Coming Soon: ‘The Wind from Heaven’

  1. I can’t wait! I’ve been left on a cliffhanger for a few months now after Book 12 and am super excited to see what will happen next.

    1. Thanks, Aidan. And meanwhile, the editorial process has begun on the next book, “Behold!”
      But “The Wind from Heaven” should be out any day now.

    2. Awesome! My little sister has recently started reading the books as well, and she’s been captivated by them.

    3. He’s a lot of readers’ favorite character. My wife is partial to Wytt’s friend, the old rat who lives under the kitchen.

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