‘Mr. Nature: Do Starfish Think?’ (2017)

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It doesn’t look like much is happening; but the starfish has attacked a scallop and intends to eat it.

The fascinating aspect of this question is the fact that a starfish has no brain. And yet they do all the things they need to do, to stay alive. So how do they do them without a brain?

Mr. Nature: Do Starfish Think?

Can starfish learn? Can they remember? If so, where do they store the information?

I’ve been trying for years to find answers to those questions, but no dice. Apparently no one knows the answers.

God’s stuff always works. We just can’t figure out how.

5 comments on “‘Mr. Nature: Do Starfish Think?’ (2017)

  1. Well, we often develop what we call “muscle memory.” And then there were Pavlov’s dogs. (I avoid any comparisons to today’s mask-wearers.) (Oh, no, I guess I didn’t avoid it, did I?)

    Anyway, God’s ways are certainly mysterious. What’s also mysterious is the way human beings can keep imagining themselves masters of Science when generation after generation of scientific certainties keeps getting overturned by some new certainty — or, as it’s now called, “settled science.”

    1. A starfish seems to have better mobility and awareness of where it’s going and what it’s doing.

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