Unexplained Dating Tips for Roof Repair

How Internet Censorship Affects You (+Pros & Cons)

Never mind the headline. It’s an experiment.

Google owns 90% of search engine capacity, worldwide. Google doesn’t like conservatives. But if they were to ban us all outright, that might force even our flaccid, bought-off Congress to take action. Much better, and just as effective, to play with the search engines and make our content hard to find.

Ah! But you can buy an SEO plan –“Search Engine Optimization “–that’ll defeat those pesky Google algorithms and move your content much higher up the ladder. More people will see it and you’ll have more viewers.

Thing is: this SEO thing is expensive, a lot of different companies are selling it, there’s no quality control, and no guarantee you’ll get any value for your money. To me it sounds like paying a literary agent up front. Not advisable.

We are told Google doesn’t sell SEO. Well, that would be a grave conflict of interest, wouldn’t it? But how far do we want to trust any of these people?

They crashed my viewership in January and since then I have been well and truly scrod. What can I do about it? Hint: nothing.

I will let you know the results of the experiment if there ever are any.

Meanwhile, on to Byron’s TV listings…

10 comments on “Unexplained Dating Tips for Roof Repair

    1. Shoot! Forgot to do that!
      So far there are no results of my experiment. Except to find the post absolutely absent from any search page.

  1. Please everyone, stop using Google for your browser – you are not only making them richer, but they are “stealing” your personal information. Get the browser GOGODUCK instead. Their app is free and it works just as fast and efficient as Google without the liberal bias in listings. Plus they promise not to sell or share your personal information. Put Google out of business.

    1. My explanation of Google was in now way an endorsement. I’ve used Duck, Duck, Go for some time now and recommend it highly.

    2. My stats sheet, though, says I get hardly any referrals from DDG. So I’d be afraid to use it, lest I get chopped down to no views a day.

  2. I use DuckDuckGo (not gogoduck, by the way) myself, but I haven’t tested it yet on finding conservative sites.

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