Boors ‘R’ Us

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Just now, I happened to glance out the window just in time to see some guy walk all the way up our sidewalk and across our yard and parking lot, taking his son–mask and backpack–to school. Cutting across other people’s property is a shortcut.

I can’t imagine someone doing this in 1960. It would’ve been considered rude, presumptuous–maybe even feral. “What, were you brought up by monkeys?” You didn’t just use other people’s yards as a thoroughfare.

But then there are all sorts of dopes in this neighborhood and who can’t wait to dump all their fast food waste into somebody else’s garbage can. You get rather tired of that.

The question is: “Well, if it wasn’t monkeys, who raised these louts?”

Beats me.

3 comments on “Boors ‘R’ Us

  1. Obviously some of Joe Collidge’s classmates. Or maybe immigrants from Scurveyshire.

  2. There is not much gentility or even simple consideration these days. Road rage, cursing, and garbage dumping seems like the “new normal”. We who know better find it disturbing to say the least.

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