Democrat Cowards Wage War on the Dead

A. P. Hill - Wikipedia

Lt. Gen. A.P. Hill, CSA

This makes me mad.

In its continuing campaign to purge the city of its history, the Richmond City Council expects to have all Confederate monuments removed by the end of the summer. The only snag is the monument to General Ambrose Powell Hill–because the general’s remains are buried within the monument (

On  his worst day, A.P. Hill was better than a dozen Richmond City Councils on their best. Critics have called them “degenerates” and “social justice terrorists.” I’d say that was putting it mildly. What could be more cowardly, more base, more vile, more contemptible, or more indecent than making war on the defenseless dead? Even the dead aren’t safe from these maggots.

The South’s crime was that they lost the war. Now the cowards of the North are coming for their bones.

They ought to reflect on what would have happened to Washington, Franklin, Madison, Jefferson, and all the rest of our country’s founders–whose hard work and hardships created the luxury from which today’s American liberals sling hatred at them–had Britain won our War for Independence. They’d have all been hanged as traitors.

But to expect any kind of gratitude from leftids is absurd.


3 comments on “Democrat Cowards Wage War on the Dead

  1. The good guys have to start stepping up and running for local office. In some ways, the local elections are just as important as the presidential elections.

  2. Another example of Critical Race Theory in action. Instead of looking out the windshield to the future, the Left uses Critical Race Theory to look in the rear-view mirror to the past. Satan is a master psychologist, even deceiving people into thinking there are more sex categories than male and female.

  3. Yes, we have a sneaky adversary, and he is taking every advantage he can. This race and slavery thing is wearing very thin. One thing that none of them who whine ever utter a word about is the fact that if you want to whine about slavery, think back to the root of the problem. Who took those people as slaves in the first place. Who was it who sold them into slavery? It was their own people, in the land where they lived, who sold them and sent them on slave ships to other places -FOR THE MONEY.

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