Parent Demands Schools Cut Links to BLM

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Well, gee whiz! I mean, just because they’re a bunch of communists and race hustlers who teach kids to hate themselves, each other, and their country, does that really mean the public schools shouldn’t be in bed with “Black Lives Matter”?

A parent in Palm Beach County, Florida, has hired a lawyer to demand that his local school district cut the links between BLM’s website and its own (

Parents with kids in Palm Beach County schools are already up in arms over a school board “mission statement” to purge “white advantage.”

Gov. DeSantis has pledged an end to “critical race theory” in Florida’s public schools. “CRT” teaches that America is an evil racist no-good stinkin’ country and all white people are evil no-good stinkin’ racists. The governor thinks that’s an insult to the taxpayers.

Pushback has to begin somewhere, and lately it’s popped up in many places throughout the country.

It’s probably very unlikely that the Palm Beach County schools will stop abusing the taxpayers. After all, they already think BLM’s foaming-at-the-mouth racial hatred is a good thing; and no one forced them to adopt their “mission statement.” These are evil people purposely doing evil things. It’s a very, very bad idea to allow them any access to anyone’s children.

People, if you can’t take the racists out of the school board, take your children out of the schools.

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