Teaching American Kids to Hate America

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Nope, nothin’ in there!

Sometimes I want to just throw up my hands and pretend there is no nooze, it was all a bad dream, none of it was ever real…

Like this report, for instance (https://freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/4111084/posts):

Some eighty percent (!) of 18-20-year-olds who have been to public school, most of whom, we presume, are now getting their brains finished off in college, believe the garbage they were taught in school–“Gender is an identity choice,” all white people have white privilege (LOL), America is a racist hell, etc., etc.

This is what we’re getting for our school tax dollars. This is what they’re “teaching” our children. How much longer our country will survive it is everybody’s guess. I mean, I wonder how many of these kids will have changed their minds by the time they’re 30.

God help us, it’s like we’re hiring the very hit men who will assassinate us.

No! You can’t just have a country that everybody hates! Sooner or later it bites the dust. The Soviet Union lasted for 70 years–a pretty good run for a merciless dictatorship that bullied and abused its people.

I am convinced that this is what our teachers’ colleges have in mind for us.

We can’t keep both our republic and our insane Far Left public school system. One or the other must go.

‘More College Crapola’ (2017)

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It gets to be depressing, after a while–writing about what we like to call “higher education.” I don’t see how our country will survive the machinations of its so-called universities. Like f’rinstance:

More College Crapola

And it only gets worse, year by year. Tuition goes up, up, up and the quality goes down, down, down. The costliest and most intrusive “education” system in world history… and all it does is crank out idiots.

‘Teacher to 7th Graders: “Deny God or Fail”‘ (2015)

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How do some of these teachers keep their jobs? I mean, we know that Far Left zombies come out of teachers’ colleges–but aren’t they supposed to at least make an effort to hide it?

Well, why bother? They’ve got our kids, that’s what matters.

Teacher to 7th Graders: ‘Deny God or Fail’

There is no way to “reform” public education. The rot is way too deep. Children must not be left in public schools.

At least read up on homeschooling co-ops, or individual homeschooling, or Christian schools in your area. Unless, of course, you want your kids “taught” by Far Left zealots devoted to stirring up racial paranoia and transgender mania.

Update: Far Left ‘Educator’ Placed on ‘Administrative Leave’

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Communism in the classroom: “Make it the norm,” he said.

[Thanks to Phoebe for the nooze tip.]

No, it’s not the same as getting fired. It’s sort of like being taken off the shelf until people forget what you did. But in this case it does indicate some welcome pushback.

The Greenwich, CT, school district has placed on “administrative leave” the assistant principal at Cos Cob Elementary School–for bragging to a nationwide audience that he never hires Catholics or conservatives, or anybody over 30 if he can help it, to teach at his school (https://greenwichfreepress.com/schools/cos-cob-school-assistant-principal-placed-on-administrative-leave-186128/).

In Connecticut it’s against the law to discriminate against job applicants based on age or religious belief. True, Democrats routinely ignore or break laws without incurring even the slightest punishment. But winning national attention by bragging about breaking the law–well, no, they couldn’t have him doing that. (See yesterday’s post, “How Public School ‘Teachers’ Get Hired”).

Why wouldn’t he hire Catholics or conservatives? Because he wanted to hire only young, “progressive” Protestants who would indoctrinate children with their Far Left politics. I mean, he said so! It seems there are a lot fewer commies out there than “educators” like to believe. Even in Connecticut.

So this idiot is on the shelf for a while, but there’s plenty more where he came from. The public education industry cranks ’em out like french fries.


How Public School ‘Teachers’ Get Hired

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It wasn’t their fault they went extinct. But it will be ours, if we go.

[Thanks to Phoebe for the nooze tip.]

We’ve got a bumper crop of public education outrages this week, but don’t worry–I won’t pick ’em all.

First! An assistant principal in Cos Cob, Connecticut, Elementary School explains to Project Veritas how he hires only young, non-Catholic teachers in order to indoctrinate children into Far Left Crazy ideology (https://www.projectveritas.com/news/exposed-greenwich-ct-assistant-principals-hiring-discrimination-ensures/). He routinely breaks state laws against discrimination based on age and religious belief, but nothing comes of it. His name is Jeremy Boland… and don’t let him come within 20 feet of your children. He wants to wash their brains.

You don’t have to label your political preaching as “politics,” he says. Keep your Far Left lessons going and “just make that the norm.” You don’t have to call it what it is; just make it the norm. “You’re teaching them [the kiddies] how to think.” If that’s the word for it.

How do you get away with refusing to hire Catholics, or anybody over 30? Again, you “make it the norm.” (There a slogan in there!) “That how you get away with it,” he brags.

And of course if an applicant can’t hop aboard the transgender bandwagon, Boland says, “You’re out, you’re done.”

The arrogance is breathtaking. Why anyone but a dyed-in-the-wool leftist zombie would send children to this school is baffling. Why are the anti-discrimination laws not enforced? Well, okay, I guess I already knew the answer to that question–it’s only discrimination if conservatives do it.


‘Classroom of the Month’ Reward: Roasted Crickets

Indoctrination: Campaign Called “Classroom of the Month” Gives Young Children Rewards, Including Roasted Crickets as a Snack (VIDEOS)

Mmm-mm! Bugs! Nice, tasty bugs! Just like Mr. Renfield in Dracula! Or Gollum in Lord of the Rings. Let’s all eat bugs! It’s To Save The Planet.

A Canadian FM (of course) radio station has a “Classroom of the Month” campaign, and among the “prizes” awarded to the winning classroom is… roasted crickets! The kiddies will eat ’em right there in the classroom while the, um, “teacher” tells them bugs are good for you and you are Saving The Planet. Washing your brain.

Meanwhile a 2019 study showed that 81 percent of crickets in European cricket farms and home cricket ranches… carry freakin’ parasites! Several of which are just as happy to take up residence in humans.

This is public education, folks. Your kids, your tax dollars, your future. Gee, what a depressing thought.

‘Now They Don’t Want You Watching Football’ (2017)

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Disclaimer: I don’t like football anymore. So what?

Here’s The New York Times kicking off the 2017 football season with a rant by a “professor” of something who doesn’t like football and hates everyone who watches it and would probably slash your tires if she could ever figure out which end of the knife to use.

Now They Don’t Want You Watching Football

You know what it is they hate? It’s when they can’t control other people. That drives them all the way up the wall.

I’d watch football if they made stupid college professors play it.

My Newswithviews Column, Feb. 24 (‘How Our School Boards Turned Against Us’

Twisted measure to silence voices at school board meetings: arrest them

Crushed between intrusive government and aggressive, increasingly Far Left teachers’ unions, local school boards are nowhere near what they used to be. They’ve gone from being representatives to overlords. The traditional school board, ordinary citizens serving their community, is a thing of the past.

How Our School Boards Turned Against Us

See, our freedom is being gnawed away, a little bit here, a little bit there, and bigger bits over there and over there. It wasn’t so long ago that Canada, Australia, and New Zealand were “free” countries.

And no one, and nothing, plays a bigger part in wiping away our liberties than public education–with the local school boards showing their communities who’s boss. If anyone complains, they sic the FBI on them. Nice.

It wasn’t always this way. I know. I saw.

School Board Member Melts Down Under Questioning

I don’t know where this occurred, and I’m hastening to post it before it gets pulled.

A parent attends a school board meeting to show pictures of a mask-mandating board member participating in several public get-togethers without a mask. The pictures demonstrate the board member’s hypocrisy.

Well! Naturally, inevitably, it’s in their DNA: “Can we have a police officer, please?” Gotta run this terrorist out of the building. One of Herod’s Men immediately advances to confront the parent.

But–next thing you know, an argument breaks out among the board members up on the dais, and the upshot of it is, Ms. Maskless walks out in a huff.

Once upon a time, local school boards represented and served the community. They were not another ruling class. They would not have dared to threaten their friends, family, and neighbors with police action for speaking up against wicked and absurd school policies–but then such policies would never have been enacted in the first place.

Public education is not your friend, America. And your schools and your school boards are not your schools and school boards anymore.

Public Ed Strikes Again!

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At a public school in New York City recently, they put on a “holiday” show featuring a clever little song in which the vaxxed kiddies promise not to be friends with the unvaxxed (https://jonathanturley.org/2022/02/20/west-side-story-public-school-puts-on-holiday-show-with-vaxxed-kids-promising-not-be-be-friends-with-unvaxxed-kids/). Participation in these revels was, of course, mandatory.

The New York school system “is investigating.” Don’t hold your breath.

What? Public schooling is still here? Millions of people still send their children to these indoctrination camps?

People, where’s your self-respect? What kind of parent, other than a Far Left Crazy one, wants to leave their children to the tender mercies of these… “teachers”?

(Did I mention that New York City does not require school children to be vaccinated? But some “teachers” have taken this jihad upon themselves.)

Honk if you can think if any single innovation that has done as much damage to America as permitting teachers to form unions.