A New E-Mail Scam

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Everybody knows that Nigerian princess thing is getting old and running out of gas, so new email scams are badly needed by the dishonest little bastard community. My editor was the target of one yesterday.

Forget that routine with investors from Uloozistan. How about an email from a real person whom you know and trust? Oh, yeah, that’ll work!

So she gets an email, ha-ha, from our boss, whom she’s only known for 25 years or so, asking her–in English limping with a very painful stone in its shoe–to please buy and send him a great big Amazon gift card–which he would surely do himself, only he’s gonna be busy on an errand of mercy, dontcha know–and he will gladly pay her back on Tuesday…

Whatever did we do to earn so much disrespect? This scam wouldn’t fool a puppy. My eye, do they think we’re all college students?

The worst part of it is, there wouldn’t be so many of these scams if they didn’t actually fool people. That’s the worst of it.


5 comments on “A New E-Mail Scam

  1. I came across the same issue Lee.
    Someone got hold of my email account and sent out a bunch of “letters” with my name on it asking my friends to send Amazon gift cards.
    It’s very frustrating to have these scammers out there interfering with our business.

  2. I have encountered similar scams on facebook. People supposedly friends asking if I know about the big governent giveaway that I need to check into. Yeah, right.

    1. Erlene,

      Didn’t you know that the government has a special fund that they use to reward the worthy? Of course they do! Just send me $5,000 for “insurance” and I’ll send you the details which will make you RICH!

  3. I actually know of a situation where this happened. An official was on a camping trip and unavailable by phone. An email, purportedly from this official was received, although it was not from his normal email address. Others were convinced to purchase gift cards and to write back with the information, so that these could be distributed to others. Of course it was a scam and the persons involved even knew that the email address was questionable. What a mess!

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